Food Dehydrator Compost

A important part of growing plants is gettingĀ nutrients into the soil. Most will use a traditional compost with turning and rotting items. I have found that a better and quicker method is using the food dehydrator, to dry out and grinding the items up. What items do we use?

Tea bags : we brew ice tea, after brewing and soaking in the tea, we transfer the bags to the dehydrator, once completely dry, we throw them into the ninja and grind

Banana peels : loaded with potassium, once we eat the banana, place the peels in the dehydrator and dry until. If your gonna keep the banana for a few days, until your ready to dry, keep them in the refrigerator, they will turn black

Egg Shells : while you don’t need to dry out in the dehydrator, it does help dry out any bits of egg left in the shell