Learn how to make anything from appetizers, breads, brines, condiments, and fancy dinners!

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Topics ranging between growing from seeds to regrowing using “trash” parts, along with tips and tricks learned along the way; this is the spot where we talk about being eco-friendly (“green”) and horticulture and how it relates to the culinary world

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Knowledge Base

Curious how to make extracts? Different knife cuts? Cheese varieties? This is the place to learn and explore about all the “behind the scenes” information that will set you apart from other gardeners and cooks!

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Not your typical Blog

Information! Techniques! Recipes! Gardening! We cover it all, not just recipes. Do you have a topic you want to learn more about and we don’t have it posted? Contact us and we will make sure we cover it for you!

Some days there will be a handful of recipes posted, other days a handful of gardening tips. So come back often to see what’s new. Come join us as we strive to lessen our food waste and work to become less dependent on “big grocery” through trial and error and our love of cooking and learning how the world around us works.

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